Working Hard

What does it mean to work hard?

You hear it all the time. Work hard and you’ll achieve your goals. Make sure you put in the hard work and so forth.

This may sound silly, but there was a time that I didn’t understand what it meant.

How was I meant to work hard for my cricket? What things could I do that would indicate I was actually working hard and improving my skills? I guess I was looking at in a simplistic way and never in great detail, but I feel I now have the gist of it. At the time I would think, well that just means playing more cricket right?

There are so many aspects of cricket (and life) that we can pay attention to and learn about. When you work hard, I think it is about understanding what skills you need to have and then making progress towards improving those areas of your life.

If we look at basic lifestyle areas (which will improve your cricket as well), are you doing/considering any of these things?

  • Diet – What does it consist of? Is it suitable for your goals? Are you eating too much or too little?
  • Rest/Recovery – Do you have enough downtime? Are you sleeping enough? What relaxation activities do you do?
  • Health/Fitness – What is your exercise schedule like? Are you neglecting any part of your body? Are you consistent?

Now let’s have a look at the cricket side:

  • Technique – Are you consistently improving your technique? How are you doing it?
  • Mindset – Are you able to control the way you feel? What is your general outlook?
  • Strategy – Are you aware of the different strategies that could come into play? How are you learning/expanding your awareness of these?
  • Equipment – Are you identifying which equipment is best suited for you and your game (so you can perform better)?

The main component that ties all this together is planning. You need to have a plan of how you are going to work on all these areas. I’m not saying do all the changes at once, that is ridiculous and would likely de-motivate you. It is best to start with one change and slowly build up.

Identify how you can improve and put in a couple minutes a day to make a small change. Incremental changes can have a lot of value.

On the topic of working hard, this blog is a place where I can organise all these ideas and thoughts and eventually develop plans that will help everyone with any of these specific areas. From there you can pick and choose to see what is most relevant to you.

It is important for you to realise that there are always areas you could be working on. By putting small efforts in (“working hard”) daily, you will be able to see changes in those areas of your life. When I say working hard, I don’t just mean working hard by playing or training. You can see that there are many activities or lifestyle choices that influence the way you play (and perform).

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