The Batting Process

Recently I heard Mike Hussey talking about the checklist he follows every time he bats. I thought it would be of interest to at least make a note of these things and then you can either start using this method or use this as a base to develop your own.

The first thing I thought when I heard this information was how many times have I done such a thing. To be honest, I never really had a set number of things I do, it was usually just get into position and watch the ball. However, after listening to Mike Hussey talk about this it seems that developing this set of checklist that becomes routine for you is an important part of performing consistently.

I’m going to use this as my base and I’m sure over a period of time I can modify this to whatever feels most comfortable for me. You can definitely do the same.

Ok, so the key components are in order.

1. Stance

Pretty straightforward. Get into your regular stance. After this, don’t think about your positioning.

2. Relax

Once you are in your usual stance, relax your muscles and remain on the balls of your feet. You want to feel lightweight and stay balanced. Don’t tense up otherwise you may lose some degree of control when playing your shot.

3. Remove Distractions

Get rid of any negative or unnecessary thoughts. Clear your mind. Don’t think about your score or pre-meditate any of your shots.

4. Focus on the Ball

Once you are in position and ready to go, all you need to do is focus on the ball. Watch it straight onto the bat. This is where your concentration skills come into play.

These are just some basic tips from a master batsman. If you are not doing so already, it is probably a good idea to develop some consistent strategy that you will use whenever you bat. Start off by following this one and then you can mould it into your own.

A key thing to note here is the transition from a relaxed state to that of intense concentration. This in itself is a great thing to practice as it will ensure you can bat for longer periods of time and remain focused. I will definitely look to discuss that in the future.

In any case, try out this method. See how it affects your game and if it causes any noticeable differences in the way you play.

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