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Advice From The Master

I was watching the third and final test between Australia and South Africa at the WACA over the last couple of days and came across some very important information. I guess it is something you may forget completely if you are in the middle of game and are pushing yourself to your limits. However, it is probably in your best interest to take advice from a world class player. Shane Warne posted a number of tweets during South Africa’s second innings, which really reminded me of what you should be thinking about when bowling.

If you can recall, Australia had a lot of difficulty in their second stint in the field. Already behind from the first innings, they had to contain the South African batsmen and take wickets to ensure that the lead didn’t get out of hand. Unfortunately, some brilliant batting by the South African’s made life difficult for the Australians.

This is where the master chimes in with some brilliant advice. As Shane tweeted:

Aust bowlers only need to ask themselves 1 question… “How am I getting Smith out” “How am I getting Amla out” Aust need a plan !!!!!!


Bowlers are rushing everything is happening in fast forward, needs someone to slow the game down, take their time & be calm..


it’s impossible to set a field to this bowling….

Simply put, you need to compose yourself and focus on the situation.

Instead of only focusing on your physical input and emotion, you need to still analyse the situation and understand the game. Oftentimes, you feel that you can just steam in and bowl as quick and fast as you want, try landing the ball in that corridor of uncertainty and expect everything to be okay. However, a batsman that is set and is in good form may be able to counteract this tactic in a certain manner. Sometimes, in doing this you may also lose even more control and bowl a less consistent line and length.

What I took from these statements is that you need to be able to understand how the opponent is playing in a given session/day and what strategies he (or she) is employing. After analysing this, you need to formulate a plan that will restrict runs and force an error from the batsman. You need to have a plan that you are working with for every delivery.

How are you going to work with your teammate bowling from the other end? What is the best method to get the batsman out given his playing style? Are you setting the batsman up for a specific shot? How can I manipulate the field?

The most important thing for you is to have a plan, work with your captain to set the right field and keep your composure so that you remain in control of the game. Don’t let your opponent dictate the flow.

Advice from a master.