The 7 Areas

This is a new series of posts that I am very excited to start. These posts will probably have very little to do with cricket itself. Just a series of interesting concepts that you may wish to understand and apply.

Okay, so today I wanted to talk about the key areas of your life. I do not feel that many people are aware of these and do not fully understand what each entails. Only when you are able to identify it would you be able to make changes in those areas. So first I will mention what I believe these areas are and then look into them into some more detail.

So the seven (7) areas of life that you can look at include:

  1. Mental
  2. Physical
  3. Spiritual
  4. Financial
  5. Vocational
  6. Familial
  7. Social

The key idea here is that it is necessary for you to have a balance between these areas. It isn’t a great idea to focus all your attention on only one area, otherwise after a period of time your ‘lack’ in one area will begin to affect the other areas as well. That is why it is important to look at your life and understand why things are the way they are and how you can possibly improve them.

I guess the first question we could ask is what do we have in each of those areas right now. For example, by asking questions about each of those areas we can determine what we have and what we want.

  • Financial – What are my attitudes towards money? How do I manage my money now?
  • Social – How often do I interact with people? Do I spend enough time socializing or should I be doing it more?
  • Vocational – Is this the right career for me? Am I doing a good job?

After this, we would also get the understanding of what is missing. Once you can identify what you don’t have and what you need to change, then you can go about making the necessary changes to your routine & lifestyle that will assist in those areas. However, it is likely that you have ‘fears’ relating to each of these areas in which you realized are lacking. Something that is stopping you from moving forward in that aspect of your life.

Dealing with those fears requires a whole separate process, one that I would like to discuss in a future post. The first step though is to look at what you already have. It is likely that you do have certain things in your life that are relevant to each of the areas but you have not realised them because you simply did not take the time to notice. Once you actually notice them, you may feel that you are not really ‘lacking’.

An important thing to realise is that you could have absolutely everything you want in one or two areas of life but very little in the others and yet you still wouldn’t be happy or content.

Balance is important. Don’t ignore it.

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