Is Simplicity the Key?

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Nowadays, technology is playing such a huge part in the game of cricket. We are now looking at match situations and breaking them down to understand what exactly is happening at any given point.

We try to understand the flow of the game and analyse techniques with the greatest scrutiny. Then we try to determine a particular event could impact the next over, next powerplay or even the outcome of the match. We then take all this information and then try to integrate this into our individual games. Here is my question though, are we forgetting the basics by making everything too complicated?

Are we spending too much time thinking about the wrist position during the contact point of our cover drive instead of thinking about our footwork first? In my opinion this is becoming a bigger issue than before and it may just be beneficial to focus on the basics again rather than trying to control every single aspect of our game.

Sure, there is no harm in identifying factors which may improve your game, but I think it is necessary to ensure that you have absolutely mastered the basics before you consider working on some of the finer points.

It would help you out a great deal once the basics become second nature.

I think we should try out this method. I am assuming that many of you train at least once a week.

Each week you train, I want you to focus on one aspect of your game, and devote your attention to performing that to the best of your ability.

For example, in the first week you could say:

  • Batting – Focus on moving my front foot towards the line of the ball.
  • Bowling – Focus on forming a consistent and relaxed run up.
  • Fielding – Focus on a clean pick up with my right hand.

So whenever you train that week, make sure you focus hard on these three components. You can choose whatever skills you feel you need to work on. The next week I then want you to add another area of focus. So each time you train, you are consistently reminding yourself to focus on the key skills you are wanting to achieve.

After a while, you won’t even need to think about performing these skills, they will become second nature. This will allow you to continue to add new skills in each future weekly block.

In this way, you are always improving, and in the future you can then work on some of the finer points relating to your style of play. I think it is important that we keep it simple and keep making small changes at a time. We should stop over thinking and maybe try working on some of the simpler cricket skills for a while.

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