Fielding Drill #1

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Today we’re going to talk about a really fun fielding drill that you can do with a group.

So this drill requires at least 4 people but you can go up to 12 players if you’d like. You’re also going to need 4 cones for this one and 2 to 4 balls depending on how you want to run it.

So, we’ll go through two variations of the drill today, firstly only using 2 balls, and then with 4 balls.

To get set up for the drill, you need 4 cones or markers. As you can see, the distance between these cones can be between 5-10 metres depending on your preference.

From here, we need at least one person on each of the cones. For this example, we’ll have two people on each cone.

Now I mentioned that this is the two ball version, so we set up the drill as you can see.

Now the player with the ball throws the ball straight ahead to the opposite cone and the receiving player catches it. After throwing, the player who just finished the throw runs along the outside to the opposite cone and joins the end of the line. The players who just caught the ball, now throw the ball diagonally and then they sprint along the outside to the opposite cone, where again they join the end of the line.

This process is then repeated for a short time period of specific number of rotations depending on what you want to do.

The 4 ball variation is essentially the same, but requires you to be a lot quicker and more attentive.

So again, the players at the top cones throw straight down to the opposite cone and run across but at the same time, the players at the bottom cones throw diagonally and run to the their opposite cones as well. The 4 ball variation is a lot quicker and you’re constantly on the move. With more balls in play you need to have an extra focus on how you’re involved in the drill.

There are 2 key things you are working on with this drill, the first is that you need to communicate well as a team, making sure everyone is involved and aware, and secondly you need to learn to focus and concentrate on your specific task, especially when there are a number of other moving elements around you.

You can also introduce other variations into this drill, for example, using different ball colours. So you could use a white ball and a orange as the same time. You can also adjust the task by allowing only catches or only along the ground throws. You could even have a mixture with one ball being catches and one being along the ground.

You could also reverse the order, and start with diagonal throws and then go straight.

There are a number of adjustments you could make to this drill more interesting, I would say try it out and see what works the best for your group.

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