Do what feels good.

I believe it is very common nowadays that people see the need to modify and manufacture techniques based on the supposed ‘correct’ way in which they should be performed.

Many coaches have the authority to convince players that they should change their action to further resemble some of the great players, and perhaps increase their chances of performing at the same level. However, this is incorrect thinking.

You could essentially have the most accurate and perfect technique around but if you feel tense, tight and uncomfortable going through the motions, then it is probably likely that you won’t perform as well as you’d like.

So here is the deal, I think you should understand the basic concepts, but still do what feels good. Sure you may not have the technically correct action but still you will feel a sense of ease and comfort whilst playing. I think that is more important. Do what feels easy. Do what feels good.

When you are relaxed and enjoying the game, as opposed to trying and maintaining the perfect technique each time, you will perform better. Being comfortable will allow you to perform at your best. Make sure you have an idea of the basic action, the key movements you need to make at each stage, then feel free to make those your own.

For example, in the case of bowling, make sure you have a comfortable action at the crease and then focus on other aspects, such as accelerating through your run up, hit the crease with decent speed and then pushing the ball as fast as you can.

It is important to have a guideline of steps you need to take, but then no need to follow everything in the textbook so properly that you lose your natural style. Take advice from people, then ¬†shape it into something that you can incorporate into your own game and style. It is important that you develop your game naturally and don’t become too robotic and forced in the way you play.

If you currently have the most unorthodox action or technique, but are performing regularly, then no matter what anyone says, you should stick to what works and what feels good. It would be best for you in the long run. If you start to think too much and try to change the way you play, it may become even more difficult for you and you could lose the enjoyment of the game itself. You’ll get into your head too much and won’t be thinking about the game as a whole or the correct strategies you need to follow to gain an advantage.

The key idea here is to love what you do. You don’t need to worry if everyone is trying to convince you to modify your action, give it a try but still do what makes you feel good. By experimenting with the different techniques and adjustments you’ll be able to make the decisions that are best for you and your game. Make sure you feel comfortable with your technique and the way you play, and if you can do that, you are guaranteed to perform.

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