Cricket Field Settings for Fast Bowlers

Today we’re going to have a look at some basic field settings you can put in place for a fast or medium fast bowler.

I’ll show you how you can visualise your field so you understand how you can possibly move your players around to best meet your plans on how to get the batsman out.

In order of some key positions, after considering both the bowler and wicket keeper, meaning that you have 9 players left to position around the field, which include:

  • Fine Leg
  • First Slip
  • Second Slip
  • Gully
  • Point
  • Mid Off
  • Mid On
  • Cover/Short Cover
  • Mid Wicket/Square Leg

You’re really wanting the batsman to play straight and focus him/her on the off side (in most cases). The fielder at mid wicket or square leg is primarily there so you can save the single and build pressure by keeping the batsman on strike as long as possible while limiting scoring.

If you want a more aggressive approach, you could move fielders from the above mentioned positions:

  • Cover could move into a Third Slip
  • Square Leg could move into Short Leg (especially if the bowler has a bit of pace)

However, the field that I have mentioned initially is a good neutral field and you can easily adapt it to the batsman who is playing at any point in time. This definitely serves as a good starting point and you should consider your fields constantly, especially as a bowler and a captain.


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